Commercial Locksmith Chicago

Have you recently bought a business or commercial property? As a business owner you have the responsibility of securing the valuable items that you house within said business. The safety and security of your employees as well as your products is your #1 priority because it that is breached you will be liable for any damages incurred. Because of this it would be beneficial to you to install a security system on the premises of your new or old business.

Invest in your security now

If you don’t want or can’t cover the cost of a full-fledged security system you should at least replace the pre-existing locks. However, installing a security system is highly recommended as this will greatly increase your safety and security and deter any unwanted activity or theft on your property. Because it is a commercial property you don’t want to install new locks yourself, and so, you should hire a professional locksmith company to do the job for you.

By hiring a professional you will save yourself both time and money by ensuring that the job is done right the first time around and you will save yourself the expense of any legal fees accrued by following building regulations. So, what should you look for in a commercial locksmith? Well, here are some tips:

  • Do they specifically handle commercial areas?
  • Do they have experience?
  • Is it BBB accredited, insured and licensed?
  • What services do they offer?
  • What are their prices?


Fully equipped locksmith service

We are professionally licensed and insured to handle commercial contracts. We have been in business for many years and have a long list of satisfied customers. We are locally owned and therefore have a better appreciation for the local economy. Our services include the installation and/or repair of locks and security systems in commercial properties specifically, as well as in residential properties and automobiles. We are up-to-par with building code regulations and licenses.

As one of the very few police verified services, you can be sure of getting the best local locksmiths to work for you 24-hours a day. All locksmiths working with us are trained and skilled with complete understanding of confidentiality clauses and other regulations. They understand all building codes and safety codes which are mandatory by the state laws. Whether it is a small project of securing a small store or rekeying an office building, we have the manpower and equipment to handle it within the shortest possible time.

We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our products and our services. We put our clients first. It is our goal to ensure that every customer leaves with a smile on his/her face. Give us a call today and see what kind of packaging offers we have for our commercial customers. It could be that we have a great deal going on right now just for you! We will work quickly and efficiently to get your business up and running safely and securely. Just give us a call now!